Cosmic Breakfast

Cosmic Breakfast | White Tea | TeaQuinox

Is the cosmos smiling at you? It sure will be after you try TeaQuinox's Cosmic Breakfast. The captivating scent of jasmine delicately layered over White Peony tea, with the addition of antioxidant-rich bilberries and blue butterfly pea flower. As it steeps, you'll be mesmerized by its deepening shades of blue. Add a slice of lemon and see it transform into a vivid purple!

Sweet, floral and fruity. Enjoy hot or on ice.

Ingredients: Organic Chinese White Peony Tea, Organic Bilberries, Organic Jasmine Flowers, and Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers.

Steep: 💧 8 oz. 🔥 195℉ 🕖 3-5 min. 🍂 1-3 tsp.

Caffeine: ⚡️ Low