Daily Matcha

Daily Matcha | Matcha Tea | TeaQuinox

A splendid tea for everyday drinking or the perfect ingredient to jazz up your favorite dishes while reaping the amazing health benefits of matcha. Smoothies, lattes, muffins, ice cream, cookies… well, you get the idea. Whisk it up hot or shake it up with ice and cold water for a refreshingly gratifying treat!

Mellow and smooth, slightly vegetal.

Ingredients: Organic Chinese Matcha Green Tea.

Hot: 💧 6 oz. 🔥 170℉ 🍃 ½ tsp. 🍵 Whisk Until Frothy & Enjoy!

On ice: 💧 6 oz. + ice 🍃 ½ tsp. Shake & Enjoy!

Caffeine: ⚡️⚡️⚡ Medium