Big Red Robe Oolong

Big Red Robe Oolong | Black Tea | TeaQuinox

This highly sought after Wuyi Oolong grows on the cliffs of the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian province, China. Big Red Robe or Da Hong Pao was known as "King of all teas" during the Qing Dynasty. Profoundly aromatic and heavily oxidized, Big Red Robe is roasty, rich and dark, with a little spiciness.

Rich, full-bodied and robust, toasty with a sweet-mineralish flavor.

Steep: 💧 8 oz. 🔥 200℉ 🕖 3-5 min. 🍂 1-2 tsp.

Caffeine: ⚡️⚡️ Low-ish