About TeaQuinox

Not everything is as night and day as the equinox, but loose leaf tea vs. poor quality bagged tea (or even worse tea in a pod!) is just that… a night and day difference in flavor and quality. For two lifelong coffee drinkers, making the switch to tea wasn’t only about the amazing health benefits, it was about taste too. We searched far and wide through mountains of bagged teas only to be left unsatisfied by the status quo. After finally trying loose leaf tea, we were sold. But now, in the interest of finding the best quality and selection, the question we found ourselves asking was…

Where do I buy loose leaf tea? ...and another quest was on.

After years of research and tasting our way through the world of tea one cup at a time we hit a eureka moment. We needed to stop wondering where to buy loose leaf tea and create a place folks could come to explore the finest, hand selected collection of teas and tisanes from around the globe. Our vision finally came together in early 2017 when TeaQuinox Tea Company was founded.

TeaQuinox is a place for us to share our unbridled zeal for all things tea with a rotating selection of exceptional teas, along with a static collection of distinguished classics. We offer a large array of outstanding teas and tisanes, from enduring standards like Earl Grey and English Breakfast, to new favorites like Rooibos and Turmeric Chai. Finding the freshest sources and providing a great selection is what we here at TeaQuinox are passionate about.

Nothing pretentious here, just a fantastic ensemble of excellent quality loose leaf teas.

There’s always time for tea… Enjoy!

Carolyn Furr
John R. Furr